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Saturday, December 26, 2009 ♥
Keychains ♥ 1:19 AM

Yellow Bear
Item Code: #D6
White Bear
Item Code: #E6
Bread (with the smell of the real bread)
Item Code: #F6
$2.50 each only!!!
Item Code: #D6 to #F6
While stocks last!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009 ♥
Looking for supplier ♥ 1:27 AM

Currently not selling due to MIA suppliers and suppliers that doesn't have stocks. If you are supplying NDF FBT at $8 or below, kindly mail us!


Jelly Lens ♥ 1:20 AM

Preorder #1
1. Chunkybitz (Wide Angle)
2. Meixuan (Star & Orange Filter (Antique Effect) and Polorized)

Capping: 3/5

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Telephone coils rubberband ♥ 12:55 AM

#F5 Orange
#G5 Lemon yellow
#H5 Cotton candy pink
#I5 Baby sky blue
#J5 Green
#K5 Lavender
#L5 Black
#M5 White
#N5 Electric blue
#O5 Hot pink
#P5 translucent green

#Q5 translucent pink
#R5 translucent purple

(from left to right)

#S5 blue
#T5 electric blue with light blue outline
#U5 sky blue with white outline
#V5 lavender with white outline
#W5 hot pink with outline
#X5 rose pink with outline
#Y5 yellow with outline
#Z5 lime green with outline
#A6 orange with outline
#B6 transparent
#C6 transparent with black outline
$1 each! 5 for $4.
Item code: #F5 to #C6
5 cappings needed!!!

Hairband material: Plastic

Hence, it won't hurt your hair.
Tie it around your hair or hand. :)
Mix and match the colours for different style


Thursday, December 3, 2009 ♥
EOY Sale! ♥ 2:18 AM

End of year sale!
Make sure you DO NOT miss it!

-All ceramics at $1 off!
-Get a discount voucher of $1 for with a purchase of min. $10 on
the same day.*
-Each purchase entitles you to participate in a lucky draw for a
chance to win a $2 voucher!*

*Voucher for use during next purchase.
**Now till 31 December 2009.


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