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Saturday, January 16, 2010 ♥
Cartoon Tees without capping!!! ♥ 12:44 AM

With effect from 16 Jan 2010, Shoppers World will be selling Cartoon Tees without capping. However, at a higher price of $8 per tee.

Check out our Cartoon Tee tab for more information.

Enjoy your visit here!

Saturday, December 26, 2009 ♥
Keychains ♥ 1:19 AM

Yellow Bear
Item Code: #D6
White Bear
Item Code: #E6
Bread (with the smell of the real bread)
Item Code: #F6
$2.50 each only!!!
Item Code: #D6 to #F6
While stocks last!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009 ♥
Looking for supplier ♥ 1:27 AM

Currently not selling due to MIA suppliers and suppliers that doesn't have stocks. If you are supplying NDF FBT at $8 or below, kindly mail us!


Jelly Lens ♥ 1:20 AM

Preorder #1
1. Chunkybitz (Wide Angle)
2. Meixuan (Star & Orange Filter (Antique Effect) and Polorized)

Capping: 3/5

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Telephone coils rubberband ♥ 12:55 AM

#F5 Orange
#G5 Lemon yellow
#H5 Cotton candy pink
#I5 Baby sky blue
#J5 Green
#K5 Lavender
#L5 Black
#M5 White
#N5 Electric blue
#O5 Hot pink
#P5 translucent green

#Q5 translucent pink
#R5 translucent purple

(from left to right)

#S5 blue
#T5 electric blue with light blue outline
#U5 sky blue with white outline
#V5 lavender with white outline
#W5 hot pink with outline
#X5 rose pink with outline
#Y5 yellow with outline
#Z5 lime green with outline
#A6 orange with outline
#B6 transparent
#C6 transparent with black outline
$1 each! 5 for $4.
Item code: #F5 to #C6
5 cappings needed!!!

Hairband material: Plastic

Hence, it won't hurt your hair.
Tie it around your hair or hand. :)
Mix and match the colours for different style


Thursday, December 3, 2009 ♥
EOY Sale! ♥ 2:18 AM

End of year sale!
Make sure you DO NOT miss it!

-All ceramics at $1 off!
-Get a discount voucher of $1 for with a purchase of min. $10 on
the same day.*
-Each purchase entitles you to participate in a lucky draw for a
chance to win a $2 voucher!*

*Voucher for use during next purchase.
**Now till 31 December 2009.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009 ♥
Unique Cartoon Tees ♥ 8:33 PM

The gang of 12 zodiac animals.
Item Code: #E5 (top)
Happy Birthday to you.
Item Code: #D5(top)

Ever wanted to have a T-Shirt that can be hardly found in Singapore? Here's your chance!Shoppers World would be selling limited cartoon tees that can be hardly found in Singapore! Guess what? For only SGD $10 each!

Item Code: #D5 and #E5
Price: $10 each
Size: only size 36 available

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Monday, October 19, 2009 ♥
Pillow Covers ♥ 10:13 PM

Item Code: #Y4
Item Code: #Z4
Item Code: #A5
Item Code: #B5
Item Code: #C5

Handmade pillow covers for sofa. Every single effort counts. Fits in most sofa pillow covers. Measuring at 43cm by 43cm. Only makes one per design so you would not see any similar design elsewhere, brightens up your living room. So unique. Currently only selling this few designs. What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

Item Code: #Y4, #Z4, #A5, #B5, #C5
Price: $35 per pillow cover
Size: 43 x 43 cm / 17 x 17 inch
While stocks last!

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Friday, October 16, 2009 ♥
October Specials ♥ 10:37 PM

Buy our ceramics and get the second one of the same price as your first purchase by adding another dollar!

So worth! Come now! Buy now!
Why wait?


Tuesday, September 22, 2009 ♥
Notice ♥ 3:10 AM

Starting from 22 September 2009, we will not be selling NF shorts anymore.


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